We hire a heated pool (31 degrees) at Asfordby Captain's Close Primary School on Wednesday & Thursday mornings between 9:30am and 11:30am (term time only) for babies aged 4 months old to children aged 4 years old. We will ensure your child is in the right class for their age and ability. Along with other parents and babies, we support your child in finding their own confidence in the water through games, singing and having fun.



Group Classes - Our price for group classes is £8 per session. Payment is required in advance of joining the classes for the term. We do not operate on a ‘pay per class’ basis. Swim sessions last 30 mins. Please arrive 10 mins before your swim splash class is due to begin to allow time for changing. Upon first enrolment, we offer a free Happy Nappy for your child.

Individual Classes - Our price for a one to one session is £20 for 20 minutes.


Thursday 5th September - Thursday 12th December 2019 (14 week term) Half term no class on Thursday 17th October 2019


Thursday 9th January - Thursday 2nd April 2020 (12 week term) Half term no class on Thursday 20th February 2020


Thursday 23rd April 2020 - Thursday 9th July 2020 (11 week term) Half term no class on Thursday 28th May 2020


Our ‘Parent & Baby/Toddler’ classes are designed for babies and children from 4 months up to 3 years old.  Our group classes provide a fun environment where we support parents in teaching their babies and toddlers the path to independent swimming. We ensure your baby/toddler is in the right group for their age and ability. Our classes are small, no more than 8 parent & baby/toddlers so that our skilled teachers can work with each parent/toddler’s needs within a group environment. We are aware that each child works and develops at their own pace and therefore our classes are not rigid, children learn through repetition so we ensure our programme is flexible enough in order for you and your little one to learn through fun, play and meet new friends!

The start of your swimming journey with your child is all about you and the support you give them to develop. In the water, babies can do so much more than they can do on land! In our ‘Baby Swim Splash’ classes we teach you how to hold your baby whilst having fun with them and enjoying your special bond in a calm, supportive and non-competitive environment.

Our lessons will always have a strong focus on teaching lifesaving skills from a young age, we help babies/toddlers to learn the skills they need to help keep them safe in and around water, until they are able to swim independently. 

Our lessons are focused on reading and understanding each baby’s cues and their willingness to join in everything that we do in the pool together. We work with their own individual milestones and introduce that in the water environment. The person they learn best from is you by observation and imitation. In order for your little one to feel confident and start to become independent in the water they need to be happy with water being on their face, over their head and in their ears,  which is why there is an important focus on adults going under the water in classes for their babies/toddlers to watch. It is then only a matter of time until they begin to imitate you, initially just by putting their faces in the water (or maybe even just a tongue) but before long they are joyfully putting themselves in and under the water by choice!

For any parents or carers who are unable to go under the water themselves for any reason, we will never put any pressure on you to do so, and we will stand in for you as the person who goes under the water for your baby to watch. But we will also work with you to help you overcome your fears and teach you techniques to make it more comfortable, so that you and your baby can discover the joy of the underwater world together.


“Definitely recommend swimming lessons with Baby Swim Splash. Me and my son absolutely love it! There's different activities each week and no pressure if babies don't fancy it. It's always the highlight of our week!” Louise Rudyk

“Me and my 1yr old love our swim class with Carla and Lisa  My boy is gaining so much confidence in the water and I am too. Classes are planned out to gently encourage the kids to enjoy the water!” Marie Laffey


Our ‘Pre-school swimmers’ programme is aimed at 3 to 4 year olds who are beginning their journey to independent swimming. They must be confident in the following areas:

  • Putting their head under water

  • Swimming a little underwater independently

  • Able to listen and take instruction

  • Be confident in the pool with a teacher and without their parent / carer

To ensure your child gets individual attention we teach in classes no more than 6 children per teacher.  They will be taught by a qualified STA pre-school teacher who will be following the ‘STAnley First Steps’ series awards from 1-4.  Once your child has achieved level 4 they will be able to enter the pool safely, swim 1 metre unassisted, tread water then swim back to the bar and climb out safely. They will also be able to swim a distance of 5 meters without putting their feet on the floor with the use of a buoyancy aid. Your child is then ready to graduate from Baby Swim Splash and able to further progress into another swim school at the ASA learn to swim programme stage 1.


“Joshua just loves his swimming lessons with crazy Lisa and has come on leaps and bounds 💕 Thank you both x” Laura Ackers

“Just wanted to say wow ! Great classes. My girls had never swam before but Carla and Lisa have been great. They have so much more confidence now and love to go swimming. Great approach to each individual child’s needs and learning style. Plus no massive classes so each child can develop each week none of this sitting at the side waiting for the teacher to take you across. Would recommend. Thank you Carla and Lisa'“. Gemma Louch

Learning outcomes for the STAnley First Steps Series (buoyancy aids may be used) are as follows :


Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the teacher

  2. Enter the water safely

  3. Splash feet at water’s surface while supported by wall/ woggle/adult and then return to a standing position

  4. Walk forwards, backwards and sideways through the water unaided for 5 metres.If in deeper water, unassisted walking actions may be substituted

  5. Move through the water on the front for 2 metres with a  buoyancy aid, turn around and move back to start position

  6. Move through the water for 2 metres on the back with a buoyancy aid, roll to regain feet.

  7. Blow a small object across the pool for 2 metres

  8. Travel under a woggle bridge and through a shower created by a watering can

  9. Push and glide on the front

  10. Exit pool safely


Learning Outcomes

  1. Show an understanding of poolside safety

  2. Enter the water safely from the poolside

  3. Blow bubbles into the water, with mouth or nose and mouth submerged

  4. Move through the water for 2 metres on the front while blowing bubbles, return to an upright/standing position with a buoyancy aid

  5. Move through the water for 2 metres on the back using an alternating leg action, ears in water and return to an upright/standing position with a buoyancy aid

  6. Perform a star floating position on front or back unaided

  7. Use front paddle action to move a ball across the pool with a woggle

  8. Push and glide on the back

  9. Roll from front to back, looking at the ceiling

  10. Climb out of the pool safely


Learning Outcomes

  1. Answer a question on poolside safety rules

  2. Enter the water from poolside, move forward 1 metre, then return and exit the pool unassisted

  3. Blow bubbles into the water with face submerged

  4. Perform a star float while on the back and regain the feet

  5. Move through the water while on the back, using an alternating leg action for 5 metres

  6. Move through the water 5 metres on the front, using front paddle action

  7. Complete a 360° turntable with feet off the pool floor

  8. Roll from back to front and return onto the back

  9. Jump or step into the water from poolside with hand support from a swimming teacher or assistant

  10. Show treading water action with legs on woggle – (seahorses)


Learning Outcomes

  1. Answer 2 questions on poolside safety

  2. Swim 5 metres of front paddle, roll onto back and swim 5 metres on the back

  3. Bob up and down, submerging the face 4 times, exhaling underwater

  4. Pick up an object from below the water surface

  5. Perform 2 float positions, which may be in a sequence and performed on the front or the back

  6. Push and glide on back, tuck and roll forward to return to poolside

  7. Tread water, using arms and legs

  8. Attempt a circular action of either arms or legs

  9. Jump or step into pool safely unaided

  10. Climb out of pool safely unaided